14 Marketing Strategies for Local Business

When it comes to marketing your local business, it can sometimes be overwhelming with the ways in which you can promote your business. In this article we share 14 different marketing strategies you can employ for your business. Now we’re not saying that you should use everyone of them. You need to consider where your potential customers are likely to see your marketing efforts. For example if your ideal customer is a 75 year old lady there’s a good chance she’s not going to be tweeting on twitter, however she may well listen to local radio or, if she is more tech savvy you can use Facebook’s excellent targeting tools to ensure that she see’s your advert and not a 15 year old boy.

Social Media for Local Business

The digital world has changed over the past 10 years with the arrival of social media, and reaching a wider audience has never been easier. The best thing about this is that you can really start to target and survey your audience and the beauty is this doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. Though there are many social networks these days, you really need to focus on where your audience is and get good with one network rather than spreading yourself thin and doing a bad job across many.

1. Facebook

Facebook is by the far the most popular social network with over 1.13 billion daily users. More recently the social network seems to have lost some traction with the younger audiences, possibly because their parents are now following them on there. There are many options with Facebook such as a simple business page, Facebook Ads and Facebook Groups.

2. Twitter

One hundred and forty characters sometimes just isn’t enough to get your message across, however Twitter has become a great place for sharing information and building authority amongst your audience. A simple retweet from a prolific tweeter could see website traffic double in an instant. With Twitter’s advanced search tool local businesses can discover tweeters in their own area.

3. Google +

Google+ has been quietly extending its reach over the past few years and has become an essential part of building an online presence for your business. Remember Google is the biggest search engine on the planet and the more relevant, accurate, and consistent information you give them the more your authority will build and the better your search engine rankings will become.

Press for Local Business

4. Press editorial Local News Papers + Local Radio

There’s a saying that any press is good press, however, I’d have to say I’m less inclined to believe that. Local press editorial can be a great way to extend your reach in the local area. An interesting story about what you do or are doing, a feature about an event that you are involved or maybe you’ve received an award for something. Providing your local newspaper or radio station with some great content for the publications can go along way to building brand awareness.

5. Networking

Networking events have become an essential part of helping to grow your business locally. From local Mumpreneur groups hosted at someones house to breakfast meetings at local hotels and conferencing facilities, these provide a great starting point to introduce your business to other people in the same boat and are a really good place to share ideas and get support.

6. Local Press Advertising

In days gone by advertising in the local press was often seen as the pinnacle of marketing for local business’s, however, in this digital age it’s value has become somewhat hard to measure and can become expensive and un-targeted. With all this said though, local press can help you reach those customers that are yet to embrace the digital age and by implementing some intelligent ways of monitoring the response from an advert you can measure your return on investment by simply having a unique telephone number, a unique call to action or even a dedicated website address for people who engage with the advert.

Digital Advertising for Local Business

7. Banners and Display ads

You know those banners you see across the top of webpages, particularly newspaper websites, that seem to know what you might be interested in or the ad that appears before you watch Charlie biting his brother on your favourite YouTube clip or that sponsored post on your FaceBook feed? This is digital advertising and it’s a huge deal.

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8. Video Ads

YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the planet and with it being owned by Google it’s clear to see that video plays an integral part in the digital landscape of today. YouTube gets in the region of 1 billion views every day, so if you promote your business or service with video ads on YouTube you can reach a very targeted audience for a lot less money than you think.

9. Facebooks Ads

Gone are the days where Facebook was all about catching up on what your friends shouldn’t have been doing last night. Whether you’re using a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer the chances are your Facebook feed is alive with the sound of sponsored posts or special offers or video promotions or just about any other kind of advert. We’ve helped business grow large followings on FaceBook that have in turn generated large amounts of revenue and a substantial return on investment.

10. Adwords

Possibly the most established form of digital advertising is Google Ads that appear at the top and right column of your google search results. These also appear on affiliated websites that use adsense to generate extra revenue. We’ve used these to triple the revenue of some of our clients using the right targeting and keywords.

11. Re-marketing

It’s often said that a potential customer needs to engage with a business or product 7 times before they will make a purchase. Now this can be difficult if you are just using a single website to promote your business, but, if you use some of the fore-mentioned strategies re-marketing can be a great way to make sure your customers do not forget about you or your products and services.

12. Reviews & Testimonials

There is no form of better promotion than a customer or client telling their friends or acquaintances how great you or your products are. It is something Apple have done very successfully over the years. In the digital age however this can be a blessing in disguise with numerous review sites and social media helping the customer to share their opinion about you and your products to a very large audience. Get this right and it can elevate your business to an incredible place, get this wrong and you may need to start all over again.

13. Customer Referrals

One the most common ways for local business to succeed is a recommendation from a friend and a great way to reward existing customers is to incentivise them for promoting your product such as a free gift or a discount for both them and their friends. You can do this in many ways using social media, voucher codes etc.

14. Website

With all these new digital domains to publish your local business, it can be very easy to overlook your own website. I would agree that not every business needs a website in this day in age but having a place on the internet that you can call home can be very beneficial. You control the content, you decide how it looks, it can easily be integrated with other platforms such as social media, commerce and blogging to name but a few features. Best of all there are lots of tools that make building and managing your website a very simple process.