8 Reasons Why You Should be using YouTube for Your Business

When it comes to online video YouTube is by far the place to go. With over 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute, over 1,300,000,000 users, and an  average of over 1,000,000,000 daily views it’s clear to see that YouTube has something special. So why as business owner should you consider using YouTube for your Business?

Data source http://fortunelords.com/youtube-statistics

1. Free Advertising – Promote Your Business Forever

When you upload a video to YouTube it should stay there as long as your channel exists and will continuously get views which, can in turn continuously create potential customers. If the videos are well thought out, provide useful relevant information and optimised so that people can find them they will give you an ever growing audience and can drive free targeted traffic to your website at zero cost.

2. Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Getting free targeted traffic to your website is the holy grail of online marketing. By publishing videos to your YouTube channel you are allowed to use Youtube Annotations and YouTube Cards on these videos to link back to your approved website. You can also use the video description section to provide useful information about your video and link to yours and other useful websites that you may have referenced in the video.

3. Demonstrate Your Products or Inform about your Services

When it comes to selling your products or services nobody is more qualified to talk about their product or service than you or a member of your team. When you use YouTube for your business you can explain and demonstrate your product or service in a video which allows you to connect with more potential clients over a much wider area. By uploading a product demonstration or information about your services potential customers get the information firsthand directly from you.

4. Educate and Support Your Customers

How much of your time is used answering the same questions? Why not create a series of YouTube videos to support your customers. You can include all of those frequently asked questions and free up time for you and your members of staff, tutorial videos for your products and services, all of which can be embedded with in a Support Section on your website showing customers you are dedicated to looking after them and helping gain the trust of your potential customers. Helping your customers in this way will also build your authority in your market or niche and encourage your competitors customers to jump to your ship.

5. Get New Customers

The most important thing to the survival of any business is customers! Without customers you do not have a business, and while customer retention is incredibly important, if you want to grow your business the acquisition of new customers is equally important. By leveraging YouTube’s massively growing audience it is a great place to build a targeted audience that is interested in what you do. Sharing information about the industry you’re in, the products and services you deliver and the support you give to your clients go a long way to building that trust and allowing potential new customers to get to know you and like what you do.

6. YouTube is the Second Biggest Search Engine after Google

Thats right, YouTube is the second most popular place people visit to find things after Google, and if you didn’t already know, Google owns YouTube. Whether you are trying to get the latest celebrity gossip, find out how to do something on your smartphone or how to fix a drone that you’ve just crashed, the chances are there’s a video for that showing you exactly what to do. The fact is people are 80% more likely to watch a video than read text on a webpage, which is why there is a video of this blog post on our YouTube channel if you’d like to watch it.

7. It will help you get found on Google

Google’s aim is always to deliver the most relevant results to a search and more than often now that can often come in the form of a video. By using YouTube for your business and making sure your videos are optimised and provide useful and relevant information within the video, there is a good chance you will be able to get them ranked on Google and this can be hugely useful when it comes to local searches. Check out or video on uploading videos to YouTube to see what we mean.

8. Content for your own site by Embedding Youtube Videos

Like we’ve done just above, adding relevant content to your site on a regular and frequent basis will help with your websites search engine rankings. It also gives your customers and potential customers a reason for coming back to your site. These don’t just have to be videos you have created, if we find videos that are going to provide our visitors and customers with useful and relevant information we will happily share someone else’s video on our site.

There are many more reasons you should consider YouTube for your business and with an estimated 75% off all internet traffic being generated from video in the coming years its clear to see where you should be considering at least some of your marketing efforts.

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Article by Jamie Gibbons of  Firsthand TV
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