What Your Local Business Needs To Know About Video & YouTube

As a local business owner, you’d be forgiven for believing that online video is for those who want to watch bands, fall in love with sneezing pandas, learn a Korean horse styled dance or giggle at cute cats feeding fish. But, as the second most used search engine, YouTube offers a wealth of opportunity to small businesses. In fact, I would go further and say that if you are ignoring video as a marketing tool, then you are most definitely missing business.

The way in which your site visitors are consuming content is changing all the time. For example, did you know that your customers are 80% more likely to watch a video than to read a page of text on your site page? Statistics also show that people who watch a video are over 70% more likely to understand your product or service. And most significantly, click-through rates increase between 200% – 300% when marketers include a video (image) in an email. The simple fact is that you can not ignore video as a marketing tool anymore, unless you want to lose your customers.

So, with those statistics bouncing around in the marketing part of your brain, take a look at the video below and find out just why local business needs to know about video and YouTube.

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